we- the Morgenrot collective

café morgenrot is an open venue for cultural and political events, a space for discussion where people from diverse backgrounds, sharing in an emancipatory focus, exchange views.

we, the morgenrot collective, welcome your input and initiative and mutually try to bring our input and political issues into this space; in addition, the café provides information through a variety of newspapers and magazines, flyers, posters, free wifi access and an info-board with news of current events and activities.

we opened the café in december of 2002, and since then, operate as an autonomous collective. for us, this implies working independently and without hierarchies: decisions, pay, and responsibilities are shared by everyone; unlike in traditional businesses, we take turns handling necessary tasks apart from bartending.

we view the café as part of the left political structure in berlin, and also offer job-options within this context. through café morgenrot we want to connect culture, politics, and labor.

some basics:
we will not tolerate right-wing, racist, and hetero/sexist, or generally offensive behavior, and hopefully you won’t either! you have our support, and we hope for yours.

more information about working collectives in berlin here.

fair-trade & organic
the espresso, tea, and cocoa you enjoy here is mostly organic and a product of cooperative and autonomous collectives. 

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